Cambodia Update 2015

"The Adam Cole Foundation is supporting ActionAid in improving children's access to education in Sre Amble in Koh Kong province, one of the most rural and marginalised parts of Cambodia. Working in partnership with the community and the local government, we are providing appropriate, well - equipped and safe places where members of Children's Action Clubs can play and learn. By doing this, we're giving children - particularly those who do not attend school - the opportunity to access an informal education, build friendships, improve their communication skills, play sport and learn about health issues."

In the first 6 months of this project, we have:

  • finished renovating the action club buildings in the villages of Saray & Chroy
  • completed the construction of a purpose-built centre for the Children's Action Club in Veal Tbong village
  • toilets have been built in all completed areas
  • renovated approximately 70% of the club in Phnom Sralav village, which is expected to be finished in a few months time

Within these four clubs, 309 children, of whom 172 are girls, are actively engaging in the clubs' activities. The clubs are immensely popular and have been able to accommodate large numbers of children. If children are fortunate to go to school, the clubs supplement the children's publlc schooling so that the children who attend school in the morning attend the club awareness raising sessions in the afternoon, and vice versa.

Meeting of the Children's Clubs leaders from Sre Ambel commune
(Four villages - Veal Tbong, Veal Cheung, Treak and Khlong).
Club members of the Chheur Neang village
Club members of the Saray village.

Since the beginning of the project, 26 club leaders from 13 villages (including 18 girls) have received training sessions on leadership, primary healthcare and hygiene, child rights and Promoting Rights in School. The newly trained club leaders have now reached 941 children, including 502 girls through lecturing, brainstorming, group discussion and role plays.

For the remainder of the project, we will:

  • complete the club in Phnom Sralav village
  • provide sports equipment for the four centres in Chroy, Phnom Sralav, Saray and Veal Tbong villages
  • construct playgrounds and equipment for the four centres as above
  • continue running the training for club leaders and awareness-raising sessions
  • ensure that the new centres are used for other community activities

Cambodia Update

The Foundation was set up after our son Adam died in 2006. He had been supporting a little girl in Cambodia called Ya Chea, through the UK based charity Action Aid. Although she and her family have moved away from the region other children are now being supported.

We have been investing in the region, with the help of Action Aid UK, since The Foundation's inception in 2007. We are very proud of everything we have managed to achieve and realise none of it would have been possible without the incredible help we have received from our supporters.

In 2007 The Foundation fully funded a project in the north west of Cambodia in the Banteay Meanchey province where we built 6 Reflect Centres (effectively village halls) which help nearly 7,500 people. They are used for:

  • Women's health screening and education
  • HIV counselling
  • Literacy programme for adults
  • Pre-elementary schooling for children of 3-6 years of age

The cost of this project was £46,686.

Reflect Centre

See examples of how the new centres are already benefitting community members.

In 2008 we sent a container of clothes, books, toys, pens and paper and 218 bicycles to enable some of the children to get to school. The bicycles were given to the poorest families who cannot afford to buy a bicycle for their children, in which case they have little chance of an education.

Cambodian Children with Bicycles

In 2009 two school friends of Adam, Benjamin Elson (who set up The Foundation) and Guy Broadley decided to visit Cambodia to see what had been achieved and this is part of their letter:

"Just a quick line to say we survived the typhoon, minefields, lack of roads and crazy tuktuk drivers during our trip. The typhoon hit Vietnam and Cambodia and both have massive flood; the roads are 2ft. deep in water, but the people just get on with life. We ventured NW into Banteay Meanchey province to visit two of the Reflect Centres (this area was a Khmer Rouge stronghold so has the highest number of landmines in the country) The Centres are used seven days a week and we watched 4-6 year olds being taught in both Centres and to see 25 smiling faces looking up and learning was truly awesome. They were so happy and seem to smile all the time. "

Cambodia View

School Students

To read a full report of their visit, click here.   

In 2011 we fully funded the building of a new primary school, close to where the Reflect Centres were built as the previous school had a leaking roof and was in such ill repair that they could not use it in bad weather due to risk of collapse. The school provides a learning centre for 800 children. We also built a toilet block and an office for the teachers.

The cost of this project was £50,000.

Cambodian School

Cambodian School

Brian and Jackie Cole, accompanied by close friends, visited the school in November 2011. Click here to read a report of their trip.   

In 2012 we carried out additional work at the O'Sampor and Kosh Snoul schools which included:

  • Building a library and 2 further toilet cubicles
  • Providing 2 laptop computers and installing solar panels to provide a reliable power source
  • Providing 149 bicycles to school students and 2 teachers

During the latter part of 2012 and 2013 to help some of the poorest families in nearby regions we also:

  • Repaired, replenished and improved access to a rice store
  • Repaired and maintained 4 of the Reflect Centres
  • Constructed basketball and volleyball courts
  • Provided agricultural training to farmers
  • Expanded the community pond at Kosh Snoul Reflect Centre
  • Supplied a further 216 bicycles to help the children get to school

The cost of these projects was £30,000.

We would like to say a huge "thank you" to our supporters for their incredible generosity in the last 6 years and hope you can see what a difference you are making to the lives of so many Cambodians.

4 Kids Smilling