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in a world where beauty is accessible, effortless and fun for all. We do that through our innovative, sustainable products and a deep dedication to creating and delivering exactly what you—our customer—wants most.

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Glamnetic Evolution

Glamnetic is a true story of the American Dream.

We started with nothing more than an idea, some inspiration, and a lot of sleepless nights. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and are entering new markets and channels daily. Why? Because we deeply care about our mission. And just like you, we appreciate the best quality beauty products and looking our best—so we can feel our best.

Eventually, Ann achieved her dream of being admitted to one of the top universities in the country, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and decided to major in science as a pre-med and become a doctor. She had made it. Her future was secure, and she was ready for traditional success. But almost immediately, something felt off. Without the artistic and creative aspects of her life, something was missing.

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The discovery of beauty products - namely lashes - transformed her face and made Ann feel beautiful for what seemed like the first time and had changed her life forever. She knew that if others could see and experience makeup and beauty in a fun and effortless way, they too could be transformed.

Glamnetic Evolution

Lashes were especially difficult to put on

you have to apply the PROPER amount of glue to a micro-thin lash band and wait the PROPER amount of time for it to dry and then place it PRECISELY in alignment with your natural lashes and then in the small chance you do get it right, the removal process is painful, taking your natural lashes out with it! Lash glue is messy (glue, gross!), toxic, heavy, unnatural, and uncomfortable.


No one had yet created easy-to-apply magnetic lashes that actually work as well as they claim, while still being as beautiful as normal strip lashes. Ann spotted a huge opportunity to make eyelashes accessible to all, for every occasion and time of day. Combined with her unique eye for design and personal experience growing up without confidence, Ann knew it was her duty to step up and be the one to change the beauty space. With just a few thousand dollars out of her tiny Los Angeles apartment, Ann has turned Glamnetic into a global behemoth in less than a year, all during a pandemic and global crisis.

Additionally, her co-founder Kevin Gould brings a unique skill set and experience in the e-commerce and beauty industry that has magnified the impact of Glamnetic in the marketplace. Kevin’s expertise and knack for business development has allowed Glamnetic to partner with many brands and influencers around the world. Most importantly, Ann is not just the creator, but a customer. She wears Glamnetic lashes every day and continues to push the boundaries of innovation by improving her lashes with every new order based on customer and community feedback. Since the initial launch of Glamnetic’s 5-magnet lash, which was already a first-to-market concept, Ann has continuously improved the product line with every single order. For example, the lashes are now precut to 2.9 cm (the average length of a human eye), the magnetic eyeliner formula is now the best in the market, the lashes can be used over 40 times and are more which makes them an economical and sustainable option, and magnetic lash anchors have been added for those days you want extra security.


The world have become raving fans and fallen in love with glamnetic’s mission and innovative products.

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Iggy Azealea, Doja Cat, Christina Milian, Grav3yard Girl, Kathleen Lights, and Natalia Taylor rave over glamnetic’s unique lashes and use them daily.

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The media has fallen in love

with this success story. Glamnetic has been featured in:

Young Ann

Glamnetic was recently featured and highlighted as a case study in Facebook’s Quarterly Earnings call by Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. This was an immensely proud moment for the full team. Check out the clip of the feature below:

All this in just year one.

Ann and her team at Glamnetic are immensely grateful for the praise, but they are only just getting started. Her biggest motivation is the countless messages from customers who tell her how Glamnetic lashes have single-handedly transformed their confidence, and as a result, their lives. As a new small business in a competitive market stacked with corporate brands, Glamnetic faces new challenges every single day. It is only because of the dedicated customers and ravings fans that Glamnetic continues to grow, prosper, and become a household name around the world. Beauty should not be reserved for an exclusive few. It should be accessible, fun, and effortless for all. Glamnetic is here to change the paradigm of beauty. And they’ve only just begun.

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